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I was born on a happy day in September. I spent the first few minutes, so they tell me, as an Asian child due to a touch of jaundice, almond eyes and black hair. My mother insisted she must have the wrong baby. Happily, I guess, she accepted me. I lost the black hair and jaundice and became a blond haired, blue eyed girl. More acceptable? Hmmm

According to stories told around the kitchen table when relatives came, I was prone to tantrums...good ones! Blue in the face ones! This was funny to all and kept everyone entertained for awhile. Especially the one where I got under the dinner table of a very nice woman who enticed me with an ice cream cone and I threw it at her. Clearly I wanted attention from someone who wasn't giving it to me.

We lived for awhile with my gramma. She cuddled me. Being the first grandchild doesn't hurt and I got away with murder, so they say. Gramma was my best friend , soon we moved into a house not far from grammas house. On Gainsborough Rd.

The dump across the street from our new house was turned into a park complete with swings, slides, baseball diamonds, volleyball court etc. I lived in the Park where I felt I was wanted. Those were halcyon days. We had a street full of kids all ready at a moments notice to play. It seemed to happen. Nobody organizing, necessarily, at a given time. We came in when the lights came on, no matter what. Mom and Dad were on the porch, except when Hockey Night In Canada was on and everyone was in front of the TV. If you weren't you should be!

In the summer The Parks and Recreation Department sent supervisors to the parks, supplied them with balls and bats, volleyballs and nets and anything else to engage the kids. The supervisors formed teams and took the teams to other parks in the area for a challenge. Leagues you might say and yes there were winners and losers. There were badges and city wide tournaments. It was a great way to spend your summer and we knew nothing about computers, cell phones, facebook or video games. We just had fun, learned about team work and saw the elephant in the clouds.

My first job was with The Parks and Recreation Department. Nuff said.

I still owe gramma a chocolate bar because of our bet, but can't get it to heaven. Gramma died about 14 years later and I was at U of W .....Gramma was a giver. She helped everyone in her neighbourhood . She actually told me that if she could no longer help people or herself that she wanted to die. She was a woman of her word. One trip home I saw her sitting on a chair looking into space. She was shipped from one person to another. I lost my best friend but could do nothing about it.....She wanted to go. I didn't blame her.

I got accepted into The School of Dramatic Arts in Windsor. They say that 500 auditioned and 15 were accepted. Quite an acknowledgment, I guess. I was glad to get away from home, as scarey as it was. My time there was fun and they kept asking me back. After 4 years of learning to drink, smoke and study, I graduated.

I won't go into all of the mind games and adventures that occurred during my 20's, that's another big book! Suffice to say that I graduated, got my Equity Card and my Actra Card (big things for an Actor). Did some Theatre, Film and Commercials (nothing of note) and did what no real actor would do...Waited for the phone to ring. Some might think it was fun. A real Actor would be hungry enough to network and try to prove themselves to those able to hire them.

The road is paved with many treasures, if you just look.

At the time I wasn't looking at my future. I was trying to cope and that is not enough. You have to go for it! Whatever go for it is. The one thing you have to know is what you want. Not knowing what I wanted, I held up the door jam at a Casting Ageny until I was invited in. That's when some fun times began. After all I was now working for one of the top casting directors in the country! Soon I was given responsibilities like casting the extras for films and running casting sessions for commercials and films. Some things you just do because you can (or are asked to).

After many other adventures in the Entertainment Industry, 28 years of it, I left it all to work with Plants, Cut flowers and Gardening. It was a wonderful experience. I say was because after 15 years or so of that I'm on a new journey...unknown as of yet...but I still write.






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"Writing is a voice that calls us from dreams, that peeks out of the corner of our eyes when we think no one is looking, the longing that breaks our hearts even when we think we should be happiest, and to which we cannot give a name."...

A quote from JUDY COLLINS..

The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know about myself....and others. I continue to learn. I've reached an age where knowledge exceeds impetuosity And where wisdom allows freedom, An age where unreasonable demands without question become irreconcilable. I give you this wisdom and take mine, as you go through the current demands of your life be sure this is your course, because if the course is not yours and is demanded of you, Be sure you want to accept the regret since You will change the lives and times of others. Are you ready? Unreasonable demands without question are irreconcilable. The atmosphere will be extremely stressful for you if the course is not yours. ©J.E.Goldie


A quote from MAYA ANGELOU

"I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands; you need to throw something back."